Thursday, 29 March 2012

Painting Windows!

It's so nice to be back in London from last week at Bologna's Children's Book fair, especially with this amazing spring weather!
Ash, my boyfriend, has been very busy planting all types of seeds and filling the conservatory with broccoli, tomatoes, butternut squash, courguettes, sweet peas and many herbs... I haven't been helping out much so I thought it was time to make the conservatory look nice for the BBQ season and summer parties by renewing the window display! 
Next week I will be painting another window display for Nude cafe, a coffee shop in Spitafileds Market, east London, so it's good way to get into the mood of window painting again!
I just started the windows today as a break from painting a commission.
Here are some photos of the progress...  More when it's finished!!
Hope you like it! Loving the garden in this weather!

You can see all the sweet peas displayed by the window sill, some chillies and Ash preparing our first BBQ of the year!

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