Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mural at Hill House Norfolk

In the last week of February I went to Norfolk to a beautiful and grand luxury holiday house that sleeps 13 guests. They combine all of the luxury of a boutique hotel with all of the convenience of a self catering holiday house. 
I was invited to stay on my own in this huge house but I dragged my boyfriend and a lovely friend to keep me company while I was painting a mural for one of their many many rooms.
Their long term idea is to have several murals around the house and in the gardens. 
My first commission for Hill House was to be a mural for their games room, a space full of entertainment and games but no natural light as it is on the lower floor of the house and within a converted garage.
Completely free to do as I pleased I decided to paint some windows to open up the space for viewers to look outdoors into an imaginary landscape inspired by the gardens and trees of the area.
I will be painting more murals for Hill House during the summer.
Hope you like it!
To visit Hill House Norfolk or for more information please click HERE.

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