Friday, 7 October 2011


March 2009                                                                                                    September 2011

September in the south of Spain!
As some of you know I am from Spain, to be more exact from a little town called Nerja in the province of Malaga. I usually come every three months to visit family and friends and a couple of  weeks ago I went to visit the city of Cordoba for the first time after I did " The Gathering" Mural in the centre of the town in March 2009. Calle Angel de Saavedra 9.
While I was there I managed to catch up with some old friends and visited the Facultad de filosofia y Letras where my friend Miguel  has just finished an INCREDIBLE mural on glass, I will be adding some  photos of these in next post! To view his work please click HERE.

Here are some photos of the BEFORE: March 2009 and NOW: September 2011
Sadly, as you can see, my mural is not there anymore, it was only intended to be up for 3 months as a sessonal project for the Spring and it stayed up for 8 months in total. Now it lies in some warehouse waiting to be sent to Nerja (Malaga) where with luck and some organizing from the coincil it will be hanged again.

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