Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Conservatory exhibitions PAST- present

The Conservatory shows are held in Stockwell, south London.

Hannah Battershell and I meet a couple of years ago working at Shepherds Bookbinding ( previously known as Falkiners fine papers) and have been good friends ever since, we have similar taste and interests and like doing collaborations and shows together.

These photos here are from our October Show in 2009, my work is visible in the front four glass panels and Hanna's are in the four back side panels and displayed on the wood skirts.

If you are interested in seeing these pieces up close, please visit:
Hannah Battershell's website: www.hannahbattershell.com
And my work at: www.melissalaunay.com, these pieces will be under 2009 paintings

For those that are interested in the white glass paint; the pens are called "uni posca", to be found in London Graphic centre, they are easily removable with water and glass cleaner.

Show February 2010

Unfortunately for some reason I haven't got any photos of the section where Hannah's work was hanging, but if you want to see her work, please visit her website at: www.hannahbattershell.com

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