Wednesday, 21 April 2010


THE KISS is my most recent painting.
Created during the month of March, it was commission to me by a London based private collector. The painting is to be a gift for a newly wedded couple.
I haven't painted figures for a while now, so when LOVE was suggested as a starting point I immediately thought of Marc Chagall's Art and his amorous floating couples, witch for me these, represent that essential,dreamy uplifting sense of bliss in the early stages of love.
And that's the feeling I wanted to achieve with this painting. I wanted to create a peaceful isolated timeless place where there is only room for the warmth of a secure ever lasting love.
This feeling had to be framed with a tropical storm, the rain in my thinking adds to their sensuality, freshness and the growth of the general mood.

Acrylic on paper 65 x 50 cm
© Melissa Launay 2010

Klimt is another essential source of inspiration for me when it comes to sensuality,luxury and wealth.

I absolutely love this painting,it is so romantic.


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